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February 2nd: Natural Language Interfaces using Artificial Intelligence

Speaker: Pete Haas
Pete has been writing software for 20 years. He currently is the application manager at Verascape Inc, a telecommunications company sells automation services to call centers. Recently, he has been focused on developing new styles of user interfaces using voice, text, and artificial intelligence to make people more productive. Pete feels that the next generation of user interfaces will look and feel like an assistant that isn't visible, but can be called upon to help users when in need. With the vast amount of data being thrown at people has become too large to view and search without a new paradigm.


Abstract: Everyone is talking about Artificial Intelligence, Bots, and Messaging. How do they fit together, and what does it mean do developers? Many APIs have been created recently to make AI and natural language processing available to everyone. Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Amazon, and IBM all have solutions, but how does this affect the way applications are built, and how do we provide customer service, or booking flights available in this new method of communicating.
We will go through an example of existing application that makes some data available to the user, and then we will change the interface to allow a user to make the same request using text and natural language. We'll go through the example using the Microsoft Bot Framework and Both these tools are available to developers for free.

When: February 2nd, 2017
Where:224 O'Plaine Rd, Gurnee, IL 60031
What Building?: Warren Newport Public Library
What Room?: Meeting Room B

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